CASE STUDY : Phoenix Firepumps

Portable Fire Pump Solutions

Since 1998, Mike and the Metalform team have shared a mutual partnership in sharing their expertise.  Phoenix Fire Pumps offer world class portable fire pump solutions for specialised industries and less fortunate countries.

Mike has worked in firefighting for many decades and has used his experience in developing his product on the world stage.  His ideas are bought to Metalform to turn them into a commercially viable solution using the C2R (Concept to Reality) process.   This process has shortened the design and prototype iteration cycle, making it easier to allow Mike to focus on the Sales and Marketing channels for the products.

Working with a client like Mike for such a long time means we intimately understand his design and product requirements.  

Metalform’s design horsepower, manufacturing and assembly resource is the key to Mike’s success with the ability to utilise a large pool of staff and equipment on demand.

Mike Harrison, Director
Phoenix Firepumps

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