CASE STUDY : Tow and Fert

Liquid Fert Sprayers

Part of Metalform’s portfolio, is its own range of farm machinery that has been developed in-house, prototyped, manufactured and now marketed all around the world.

Tow and Fert is one of our larger product lines which has been pivotal in helping farmers save money in fertliser costs by applying it as a foliar spray rather than granular applications. And more importantly, it has been proven as a tool to enable farmers to become more environmentally responsible and compliant without reducing grass production.

Metalform operates a continual improvement process with its own products, and our ERP system and revision control allows us to continually improve the product, without losing the ability to service previous revisions and models in the field.

Because of this product line, Metalform understands the close link between design, customer experience and marketing which can easily be fed back into the loop from any level of the business.

Ultimately, the customer experience has the best feedback, and is very important to listen and adapt to this.

Tim Henman, Manager
Tow and Fert

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