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Meat Processing

NZ Manufacturer Metalform, is producing tens of thousands of Face Shields PPE per week to support our country in the fight against Covid-19.

Face shields worn as PPE has proven to be a very effective way to protect against the risk of particles carrying the virus being transmitted.   We have front line staff using face-shields in

  • Hairdressers
  • Beauty Salons
  • Community Hospitals
  • Emergency Departments
  • Pharmacies
  • Supermarkets
  • Food Processing
  • Meat Processing
  • Dentist Practices
  • Essential Service Retail Stores
  • On Farm Services

The Face Shields PPE are a cost effective protection solution that you can implement with your front line staff immediately and be confident with a 100% NZ Supply Chain!

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Product Info

Tech Specs

Our shields are made from 0.25mm PET clear plastic, with a foam band which sits against your forehead and an adjustable elastic strap which fits around your head. There are 2 available models shown at the bottom of the page

  • One piece plastic – innovative design
  • One size fits all – adjustable elastic strap
  • Super light  – only 29 grams
  • Comfortable – very wearable for long periods
  • Length is 205mm 
  • Fully Assembled
Multi Use

Our Face Shields are sturdy enough to be used multiple times, but cheap enough that in high risk environments they can be routinely changed to suit the risk level. For multiple use in the lower risk medical environment we recommend wiping the shield with antibacterial solution between use.

Manufacturing Standards

The shields are produced in a factory which already makes Class-2 Medical Devices sold around the world. Below are a list of standards and approvals.

  1. The PET shield and headband is made in a factory that regularly manufactures food grade and other packaging and has the following approvals:
    1. PET raw material meets EU No10/2011 and Article 3 of EU 1935/2004.
    2. Conforms to REACH compliance and does not contain SVHC as published 2019/01
    3. Conforms to U.S. F.D.A. Code of Federal Regulations 21 CFR 177.1630
    4. The manufacturing process conforms to:  ISO 14001:2015, CODEX HACCP CAC/RCP
      1-1969 Rev4-2003, ISO 9001:2015.
  2. The assembly and packaging of this product are done in a clean and hygienic environment with active measures and process design to prevent transmission of biological contaminants.
  3. All other materials used are RoHS compliant.
  4. The design of the Face Shield meets requirements as defined by the WHO for “PPE for infection and prevention control – Version 31, March 2015”


The shields are packaged in boxes of 50 and seperated by paper between each shield to minimise the risk of scratching.
The box size is 620mm x 290mm x 290mm.  The weight of the packed box is 2.2kg.
It is labelled with a sticker showing that it is Essential PPE which gives preferential support from the freight services.

Wearing PPE

Please click on this image link below to download the correct method to wearing PPE.


See below links of articles published in the media:


(Open Top Ventilation)

The OTV is an open top, face shield which allows for protection while minimising fogging. This shield is suited for use in areas with low risk of airborne particles.

Reccomended for:

  • Hairdressers
  • Salons
  • Pharmacies
  • Supermarkets
  • Food Processing
  • Meat Processing
  • Public Facing Administration
  • Public Sector

From $4.49ea + GST (free freight nationwide)

Who Are Metalform?

Incorporated in April 1961, Metalform is a family owned company with the 3rd generation being one of the shareholders and directors. This is very important to us as we still maintain the characteristics of a small business rather than the feel of a large corporate. Read about our History here.

We employ a total of nearly 100 staff and have offices in New Zealand, Australia, and the USA and market representation in the UK, Europe, Japan and Chile. Click here to view our management team.

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