Campbell Easton

Managing Director

Sitting in the hot seat, Campbell has a degree in Mechanical Engineering majoring in Product Development, which means he understands the business to its core. Outside of the business, his passion is hard-enduro racing on motorcross bikes.

Tim Henman

Sales and Marketing Manager

Tim has been part of all aspects of the business over his career, from CNC machine operator, development engineer and now heading up the sales and marketing division of Metalform.
With a background in International Sales and Distribution, Tim understands the value requirement from the client and the importance of the journey to a commercial reality.


Brad Dippie

Manufacturing Manager

As Production Manager, Brad’s professional background has overseen manufacturing in Asia and Australia for large engineering companies. Brad is a very skilled Engineer which means he is always ready to support his team with technical challenges.


Jayden Timmins

General Manager

Having had experience in agricultural sales throughout NZ and then continuing to study as an accountant, Jayden has had experience in managing a large portfolio of clients across NZ, mostly in the agricultural space.   Jayden is proficient in streamlining accounting systems and teams which is all focussed on a more efficient process for the customer.


Geoff Easton

R&D Manager

As the son of the founder, Geoff’s commercial experience and track record in R&D stretches back to the early days of the business. Geoff has the knack and flair to envisage product solutions and designs even nearly before the product problem existed.


Robbie McNair

Business Development Manager

Coming from a construction background in his late 20’s, Robbie grew with the business in a Sales Role as it morphed into a end-to-end Factory as a Service. He has stamped his mark in Business Development over the past 5 years and is passionate about seeing clients commercial challenges being managed to the n’th degree


Liam Dewhurst

Commercial Design Manager

Trained as an Industrial Designer, Liam’s drive is towards creating a better user experience in NZ-made products. This viewpoint allows Metalform to distill down the exact market opportunity a product is looking to address, and solve it in a way that creates impact for all involved.

Yohan Borda

Technical Design Manager

Coming from a background in Industrial plant commissioning in Colombia, Yohan joined Metalform becoming a key player in developing products requiring Mechatronics-Electronics implementation. Yohan has a skill set rooted in robotics and high tech products.  Enabling Metalform to implement cutting-edge technologies.


Tibin Koshy

Procurement Manager

Tibin completed his bachelor’s in Engineering and higher studies in Operations and Production Management. He joined Metalform bringing his vast manufacturing experience from India, the Middle East, and New Zealand to Dannevirke.


Brigitte Tolley

North American Sales Manager

With a extensive background throughout the company, Brigitte has worked from Customer Services thru to Assembly Manager before taking up the role as Sales Manager in North America.    Brigitte is based in Georgia USA heading up our North American company and focussed on sales and business development.